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White Pine Trail II

David Martinka

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White Pine Trail II shares a sound scape of spring song birds and some migrating Canada Geese with two individual songs on Native American Flute composed by David Martinka. These two Native American flute songs were originally recorded for the Legends of Time project and have been remixed and mastered for White Pine Trail II. While mapping a stretch of the White Pine Trail for Barred and Great Horned Owls we noticed a constant abundance of wildlife activity during the morning hours. We chose this area you hear as the sound scape for White Pine Trail II.

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White Pine Trail

David Martinka

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White Pine Trail features a nature sound scape of Crickets and a pair of Barred Owls with Slovak wood flute.

The sound Scape was recorded at the Gratiot County State Game area in early fall, late summer. The owls are vocalizing at one of their territory boundaries letting other owls know not to enter into their territory.

White Pine Trail written by David Martinka

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Redbelly Studios

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Story of White Pine Trail

 With the release of our latest song White Pine Trail we decided to share a bit of this 6yr adventure that’s become more than just a song.

  The adventure started with our research on owl communication and nesting territories. We were several years into the development of our calling techniques and decided to attempt to record any owls that may come to our calling. This project in itself is still ongoing. After countless attempts we were able to capture several recordings of Barred Owls, Screech Owls and Great Horned Owls. One of our best recording of Barred Owls is featured in our single Woodbridge.

  We have mapped 11 pairs of Barred Owls and 4 Great Horned Owls during our main focus on a section of the White Pine Trail.  The remaining 1 1/2 mile section of White Pine Trail has yet to be mapped but our team is confident there are more owls that have made White Pine Trail as part of their territories. 

 The pair that are featured in White Pine Trail are a nesting pair of Barred Owls. The communication took place at a territory boundary. A meadow was serving as a territory boundary and the birds are coming to tell the owl they just heard not to come closer. 

 We never made a call response once the owls arrived so they could know they were successful at saying this is our territory to the owl they heard. They returned deeper into their territory after a few minutes. This vocalizing capture was done mid-August and at this time of year juvenile owls can join parents, but no juveniles were vocalizing at the time or after the recording.

Our song White Pine Trail features the full vocalizing session of these Barred Owls with a sound scape of crickets and Slovak wood flute.


About David Martinka

David Martinka is a 5th generation musician who successfully blends the beautiful sounds of handmade flutes from his native Slovakian roots and his love for the Native American flute into songs that are healing, meditative, loving and spiritual. The result is a step back into a time when the flute was used, to heal the soul and to bring peace to people’s hearts. David is honored to carry on the Martinka family tradition of music.

Never be a prisoner to the past. It's just a lesson for your new life.”

— David Martinka

Raptor Research

Some videos of our Raptor bird research that we do. Both videos shot in 2019.

Video 1

It is very possible that the adult perched is one of the adults in the nest. The juvie that fly's in could be a hatchling for 2018 or 2017 and is asking for food from the parent.

Video 2

The parents at the nest making a sitting change. This can happen 1-3 times a day, no food was brought during this change. Hatchlings were to small to be visible when video was shot.

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