Sun Shadows BIO

Sun Shadows is a globally recognized award winning world fusion group and was honored to be recognized with their debut self titled album Sun Shadows which won at the Indian Summer Music Awards in 2011. Their second album Journey To The Sun was also recognized and was nominated at the Indian Summer Music Awards in 2013. Inspired by many musical interests, Sun Shadows fuses contemporary instruments, global native instruments and world musical themes to create their own essence of World Fusion music.  With a new line up, new songs and an excitement to what the future brings, Sun Shadows is sure to continue earn fans across the world.

Founding members David Martinka and David Cree Tregenza began the Sun Shadows journey back in 2007 after a meeting through mutual friend Dan DeClark owner of Legends of Time in Milford MI. A quick friendship was formed of which soon after the frame work for Sun Shadows heart and soul was in place. “We just had this vibe or creative vision together when it came to creating music” says Martinka.

Boe Bvshpolawa Glasschild
 a proud member of the great Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Boe was born in the sprawling deserts of west Texas. Boe grew up in a multicultural household that embraced music as both parents were musicians. After studying music composition at the University of Texas El Paso, the urge to perform has been a journey to all three coasts. As an electric bassist, Boe has performed jazz, show tunes, musical theatre, tours and dinner theaters as well as professional arrangements. His residency in southern California allowed Boe to perform in every venue of note in the Hollywood music industry. In addition to being a bassist, Boe also plays djembe drums, percussion, and vocals.

Brian Bates joined Sun Shadows in the fall of 2009 bringing his musical talents, production and sound engineering talents to the group. Brian's favorite instrument of choice is the keys (piano, electronic keyboards). He also plays acoustic, electric, bass guitars, and currently teaches students those instruments as well as music theory for which he studied in college. “He is a perfect fix with us. “ Brian has been a lifelong friend and we have been creating music together for years,” says Tregenza.

David Cree Tregenza is a multi talented musician and the foundation of the Sun Shadows sound. He incorporates the congas, bongos, native hide drum, and djembe into many of Sun Shadows songs. David plays many different Native American made flutes, the alto, soprano, tenor saxophones and dabbles with the bass guitar, piano, keyboards, ukulele, just to name a few. His solo album Chaoha showcased David’s talents as a musician, producer and sound engineer.

David Martinka as founding father of Sun Shadows is an accomplished musician who brings his musical, production and sound engineering talents to Sun Shadows. David Martinka has received several award nominations for his solo work Legends of Time and Native Slovak, which showcased his true artistic expression deep within his heart and soul. Says fellow member Tregenza, “I love so much to hear David's beautiful sound coming from his native Fujara's, it’s unreal and awesome, he's an inspiration to me." When asked about what it’s like fusing everyone’s talents into Sun Shadows Martinka added this, “We help each other stay humble, grounded and don’t take ourselves too serious. This helps us focus on the creation of the music.”