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JPF MUSIC AWARDS NOMINATED SONG: TWO BUCKS, BILLY AND MIKE ------ Native Slovak is a collection of solo flute songs that captures the purity of both Slovakian and Native American Style Courting Flutes. As a self taught musician David Martinka draws on nature, life and his inner self to create his songs. David Martinka’s Slovakian Courting Flutes are hand crafted especially for him with the help of Tomas Kovac who is in contact with the best flute makers in Slovakia. David also crafts a version of the Native American Style Courting Flute which are used on this recording. With a long family history of music and love for the Native American Flute, David Martinka is the first bridge to the courting, healing, and peaceful side of both the Native American Style Courting Flutes and the Native Slovakian Courting Flutes in this landmark recording Native Slovak!

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