Storm Song
  • Storm Song
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A natural combination of a beautiful thunder storm and a variety of song birds is fused with the majestic sound of the Native American flute. "Storm Song" shares this vision of David Martinka and Dan Haviland.

The thunder storm and song birds were recorded at the same time due to the distance of the storm in relation to the song birds. The birds felt safe to feed knowing the storm was going to miss their location. A small time shift was placed in one of the storm tracks to help the thunder carry from left to right. This was how the storm sounded during the recording which also added more of the same song birds.

We began this project in 2005, shortly after the release of "Sweetgrass Wind" by Dan Haviland and "Legends of Time" by David Martinka. Over the years we felt the timing of this release must reflect where we are in our lives. We are very honored and excited to finally bring "Storm Song" to you. Dan/David

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