Spirit of Dogman Country
  • Spirit of Dogman Country
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Signed personally by David Martinka

“SPIRIT OF DOGMAN COUNTRY” captures the haunting and suspenseful novels by Frank Holes Jr. and adds a mystical musical dimension to the legendary Dogman of Michigan. The album conjures up moments from the Dogman’s adventures and brings the listener into the world of the Michigan Dogman. As a reader of the Frank Holes Jr. novel series about the Michigan Dogman, David demonstrates his expansive aptitude by illustrating these novels with picturesque sounds of the wild Dogman roaming the north woods of Michigan.

“SPIRIT OF DOGMAN COUNTRY” features musical instruments like the Fujara, a Slovak courting flute and David Martinka’s hand crafted American wood flutes as well many other world instruments to create a sound that makes you feel as though you are part of the Dogman adventure yourself. Known for meditative, healing and loving solo wood flute music David Martinka brings a haunting and mystical dimension to his music with “SPIRIT OF DOGMAN COUNTRY”.

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